Opening for Jeffrey Foucault!


I haven’t played for the folks in Philly in too long.  And this time I’m supporting the immensely talented Jeffrey Foucault !  He has made some of the coolest folk rock americana albums you may have never heard.  Go get them now and come tap your foot with us. His new album, Horse Lattitudes probably could have used my ‘Under A Searchlight Moon‘ cover…no?  Seriously though, that album is great.  My favorite song from that album is ‘Passerines.’  But Im a sucker for pedal steel. If you love a song for the lyrics, you will love Jeffrey Foucault lyrics.
See you all there!

Friday Sep 16th @8pm
Burlap and Bean
204 South Newtown Street Rd
Newtown Square, PA
w/ Jeffrey Foucault

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