I’m Opening for Jay Clifford! (Jump Little Children)

I’ve had some pretty great opening gigs before.  But, this one is really special to me.  Sat. Sep 24th @730 I am opening for Jay Clifford!

The first time I heard Jay Clifford I was a 19 yr old college student driving into the Virginia Beach tunnel when Jump Little Children Cathedrals came on the radio.  I knew I had discovered something really special and just as I was being introduced to this arresting, gorgeous song it was being taken away into a submerged hiss of radio static!!!  As I exited the tunnel I was able to catch the final chorus and Jay’s humming at the end.   I literally was itching to hear more like a kid squirming in my bucket seat.  I tracked down a record store in Richmond that had their album Jump Little Children Magazine and was forever changed.  As a wannabe songwriter that song completely floored me.  -The lyrics, Jay’s voice, the string arrangement…. I began digging up b-sides and live tracks, and going to their shows including the yearly Dock Street Theatre show. I was an avid fan in a way that I don’t think I’ve experienced since.


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