“Lyrical Talents Jeffrey Foucault and Dean Fields”

Local Coffeehouse Was All Ears For Lyrical Talents Jeffrey Foucault and Dean Fields

(Patch.com) Burlap and Bean’s “listening venue” reputation was verified once again as these two singers gave the audience something to hear and think about on Friday, Sept. 16.

NEWTOWN SQAURE—On Friday, Sept. 16,Burlap and Bean welcomed back one of their favorite performers, Jeffrey Foucault(pronounced “folk-alt”). He was paired with Dean Fields, who was a first timer at Burlap and Bean. The pair both fit the folk rock genre, but what tied them together in this ideal bill was the lyrical strength each man possessed.

For both, songs aren’t just about the emotion but the moment that inspires each emotion. Both Foucault and Fields combine a quick turn of phrases with poetic narratives that capture a time and captivated Friday night’s audience.

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This tour was in support of Jeff’s release Horse Latitudes. When he performs live its just him and his guitar which is really special. But the addition of some amazing musicians make this track on his album friggin awesome in my opinion:


Jeffrey Foucault is one of best and most undiscovered singer songwriters out there.  His songwriting is top notch.  That said, If you haven’t heard Jeff’s cover of CCR’s Lodi you’ve GOT to check this out:



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