Farewell: Moving To Nashville!

Its official…We’re moving to Nashville!!
So, the band and I are throwing a couple of ‘Farewell’ Shows to see yall before my lady and I pack up the cats and go… If you’re within a drive to Richmond or DC, I’d LOVE to see you at the shows! So mark your calendars and tell your friends:

June 15th: Iota Club (Arlington VA) details

June 29th: Capital Ale Music Hall (Richmond VA) details

I’ve been going to Nashville a lot for co-writing. And, although we often talked about moving there, we never put the thoughts into action. Then 2011 came along and changed my perspective on time and taking advantage of the number of heartbeats we’re given…

Four months after our wedding, Carrie’s doctor found a monster of a tumor just below her brain. Given a choice between radiation or surgery, we decided to go the surgery route. *They actually let me watch as they shoved a camera up her nose and down her throat. I literally watched her vocal chords moving?! The surgeons were nice, really smart people. But that was a serious test of how much you can trust a human: handing over the person you love to a nice, really smart man holding a knife.

Thankfully, the operation went amazingly well. None of the worst case scenarios and fears were realized and after several months of recovery she was back to normal. Soon after we decided that NOW is the time to make the things happen in our lives that we’ve been putting on hold.

Musically, that meant recommitting myself to writing. And Nashville is the perfect place for it. Just in the past year of traveling back and forth, I have written tons of great songs with amazing songwriters who have probably written some of your favorite songs. And I am about to jump out of my skin to share these songs with you! In fact….

Here’s a video of me recording the demo for ‘More Than I Deserve’ which I wrote with the incredible Lori McKenna (Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban):

Feel free to leave a comment below. And come out to the ‘Farewell Shows!’ You gotta help me show my wife that we’re not gambling our fates on nothing!!!

Thanks yall,

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