Here’s My New Album! Wanna be my Producer?

You can have EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to my new album “As The Crow Flies” NOW!
Check it out:

For this album, I’ve been writing with some of the best songwriters in Nashville.  -Even a couple grammy winners!
The players are amazing!
AND I’ve even got a string section!

Ive been going nuts for yall to hear these songs!  And then it occurred to me:

I’m an Independent Artist!
I don’t have to wait for a dude in a suit to tell me when to give my friends my music!

So I want you to have the new album “As The Crow Flies” NOW:

Wanna be my PRODUCER?
Help me decide the track listing, album cover art, and more!
You’ll get your name listed on the CD and the site as my honorary producer!
I want to know what you think!

You can HEAR, SEE, and BE A PART OF the evolution of my new album:

You’ll get….
EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the songs!
-And lots more!

Here’s that link again:

But the offer is only available from ME and it ends this Friday at midnight.  So get it while you can!

Thanks for listening and caring yall…

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