Opening for Kris Delmhorst

I’m coming back to Club Passim in Cambridge! This time, I’ll be opening 2 shows for Kris Delmhorst on Groundhog Day. Get your tickets now!

Sat. Feb 2 @ 5pm and 8pm
Club Passim
47 Palmer Street
Cambridge, MA

When I first moved to Boston back in 2002 Kris is one of the northeast americana artists like Lori McKenna, Jeffrey Foucault, and Josh Ritter who I was lucky enough to see as their careers were just starting to take off. I was just a kid with a guitar begging for shows and playing every open mic I could fit into a substitute teacher’s schedule.
They were IT. They had a hushed crowd of fans hanging on every word of their lyrics as they strummed their songs. And that is exactly what I wanted. I remember thinking “if I could just open for Lori, Josh, Kris, etc then I’m sure people will like my music.” Its taken a while, but slowly I’ve been able to do just that.
I love Club Passim. It is my favorite place to play. If you live anywhere near Boston you might wanna get tickets and make plans to come see us for the 5pm and/or the 8pm show. You’ll love it.

In the meantime…Check out this Kris Delmhorst Cars cover of the song “Magic.” You know the one…”Uh oh its magic.”

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