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I’m getting lots of love for the new album, Any Minute Now! Here are a couple from Drunks with Pens, WTVR Virginia This Morning, and Popa Tunes:

I did a fun interview with Drunks with Pens just before the album came out. We were hanging out in a gallery on the MIT campus in Boston. I’m a bit of a goof but I like it. Here’s what they had to say about me:

(Dean)’s soft-spoken, but funny. Find out why he says he doesn’t really trust drummers, why he says the piano “is a total bummer,” how he chose the songs on this album, what he thinks of co-writing songs, and how getting the sound he wanted when he recorded the tracks on this EP meant bringing in great musicians and then “telling them not to play.”

You can hear the entire interview here.


A couple months before the album came out I stopped by Channel 6 News in Richmond VA for their show Virginia This Morning. I played Any Minute Now and talked about my aspirations to write songs for Michael Jackson. (???)

Watch the video

“With a voice smooth as porcelain Dean croons Americana songs with heartfelt savvy and richness.”
read more here.

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