Lori McKenna Releases “Stranger In His Kiss”

Lori McKenna Releases “Stranger In His Kiss”

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I’m tickled and honored to have a song I wrote with Lori McKenna, “Stranger In His Kiss” on her new album “Numbered Doors.” This is a beautiful collection of songs delivered with just the right amount of emotion and restraint. I bet you’ll love it!

Here’s what Lori said about our song:

“Dean Fields is a good friend and great songwriter. When he’s traveling through the Northeast to do his shows he often leaves time to write a song or two with me. Dean mentioned this title and I loved it right away. Everyone loves a good cheating song – throwing the friendship in there was icing on the cake for me.”
-Lori McKenna

Listen and get it here:

Read more about the rest of the songs on the album including cowrites w/ Liz Rose, Brandy Clark, Drew Kennedy, & Hillary Lindsey here.

I can’t stop grinning…Somebody pinch me!



  • Harry B. says:

    grin away Dean i have been a fan of Lori for years now. and this is not the 1st time your name has show up.

  • is there a way to make the link to hear (and buy) the song more prominent? I missed it the first two reads (prob bc I was looking for a button). Also would be cool to a non-itunes purchase option (if it’s not exclusive) and a link to you performing the song!


    • dean says:

      Hey Todd- I added an itunes button. Thanks for the tip. No recording available of me doing this song yet. But I do play it live from time to time. Come see me sometime!

  • AFQuillen says:

    Awesome song! We are looking forward to seeing Lori McKenna at the Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, Oct. 3.

  • Matthew says:

    Dean Fields is a lyrical Genius. Anyone would be so blessed to work with him. I have known him for over 34 years and noone holds a candle to his ability to tell a story in music.

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