Lori McKenna Releases “Stranger In His Kiss”

I’m tickled and honored to have a song I wrote with Lori McKenna, “Stranger In His Kiss” on her new album “Numbered Doors.” This is a beautiful collection of songs delivered with just the right amount of emotion and restraint. I bet you’ll love it!

Here’s what Lori said about our song:

“Dean Fields is a good friend and great songwriter. When he’s traveling through the Northeast to do his shows he often leaves time to write a song or two with me. Dean mentioned this title and I loved it right away. Everyone loves a good cheating song – throwing the friendship in there was icing on the cake for me.”
-Lori McKenna

Listen and get it here:

Read more about the rest of the songs on the album including cowrites w/ Liz Rose, Brandy Clark, Drew Kennedy, & Hillary Lindsey here.

I can’t stop grinning…Somebody pinch me!


8 thoughts on “Lori McKenna Releases “Stranger In His Kiss””

  1. is there a way to make the link to hear (and buy) the song more prominent? I missed it the first two reads (prob bc I was looking for a button). Also would be cool to a non-itunes purchase option (if it’s not exclusive) and a link to you performing the song!


    1. Hey Todd- I added an itunes button. Thanks for the tip. No recording available of me doing this song yet. But I do play it live from time to time. Come see me sometime!

      1. Dean…an amazing event and an extra and unexpected treat to see you perform in person with Lori McKenna. Thanks!

  2. Dean Fields is a lyrical Genius. Anyone would be so blessed to work with him. I have known him for over 34 years and noone holds a candle to his ability to tell a story in music.

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