Videos from Red Clay Theatre

Check out these videos of my set at the Red Clay Theatre in Duluth GA from Feb 2016! This was a special night at a beautiful venue with amazing sound featuring the live debut of my new-to-me 1941 Martin acoustic guitar named Donald. I played a bunch of new songs, my favorite cover song, and a few old familiar ones too.

To see a list of all 11 of the videos from this show click the menu icon on the top left of the video:

1. Timmy & The Train
2. Must’ve Missed Me
3. Donald (interlude)
4. Stupid Bird
5. Small Talk
6. Stranger in his Kiss
7. More Than I Deserve
8. Back of a Drawer
9. Always on my Mind
10. Thank you Eddie & Shalom
11. Any Minute Now

2 thoughts on “Videos from Red Clay Theatre”

  1. Watched the whole show at Red Clay. It was awesome!!! Please come to the SF Bay Area. Would love to see you live.

  2. Judith Sullivan

    Thanks for sharing, I haven’t been able to get to any of your shows so this was a treat. Love your cover of Always On My Mind.

    I’m really enjoying my copy of Any Minute Now.

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