This is a Great Idea!

Our son has 2 ways of describing things: 

That is a great idea.


That is not a great idea.

He uses it for everything from getting donuts (great idea) to brushing his teeth (not a great idea).

Decision making is not my super power. So I find this approach inspiring and am henceforth applying it to my own life.

Last week I dropped you a note to say hey. 

I wasn’t counting on the replies. I loved hearing from all of you. Especially my pal Jason Myles Goss who after reading my post about once peeing next to Lyle Lovett shared this: 

“My friend once played Hotel Cafe and turnout was low. Unbeknownst to him the set after him was a secret show with Adam Cohen (Leonard Cohen’s son).  
After his set he went to the bathroom feeling iffy about the show, and droves of people stormed into Hotel Cafe until it was shoulder to shoulder all the way back.
My friend Jake was stuck in the bathroom and he was not able to push the door open to get out. shouts through the door, slight nudging of the door, knocking from the inside….nothing worked.
He’s a big guy, like 6’2″ 210 pounds and so he just put his shoulder into it and pushed open the door hard, and the person standing directly in front of the door was shoved aggressively against the wall opposite the bathroom door.
It was Leonard Cohen, in a three piece designer suit. My friend didn’t say a word, shuffled his way out, no interaction.  He had hockey checked one of his musical heros.” 

In reading your responses the distance between us tightened up. The longing I have for hanging with you and playing my songs for you got a little shorter. And I had the immediate hankering to stay connected and keep writing to you more regularly. 

So I asked myself:

Is this a great idea?


Is this not a great idea?

I think its great!

(If you’d rather hear from me only when I’ve got new music, shows, etc click here )

This is pretty cool:

1. Leonard Cohen’s son, Adam (from the story above) produced Cohen’s final album Thanks for the Dance. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking and perfect. Leonard passed before it was complete so Adam had to finish it without him. That must have been painfully cathartic. When asked why he didn’t have another producer finish it he said “they don’t know what he hates. I do.”

2. My favorite Leonard Cohen song is a tie between Famous Blue Raincoat and So Long Marianne.

3. My favorite Leonard Cohen cover is a tie between Teddy Thompson doing Tonight Will Be Fine and Antony doing If It Be Your Will

4. My favorite Jason Myles Goss song is Joplin. He’s got a bunch of great songs but this one has his signature enviable story telling, rhymes “Duquesne” and “rain,” and reminds me of us touring together. Think I’ll spend the day with that whole album.

5. And finally, Name that song revealed!

Hope you’re good. Y’all good?


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