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LA video and lyrics

songwriter songs - December 6, 2011 - 0 Comments - by

Dean Fields song “L.A.” performed acoustic with a stuffed duck and monkey. The solo acoustic version is on the album “Songs On the Mend” and the full band version is available on “Everything Just Happened the Way that it Happened.” Like it? Leave a comment below!! Get Dean’s latest single for free here.   LA […]

I’m Opening for Jay Clifford! (Jump Little Children)

songwriter songs - September 13, 2011 - 1 Comments - by

I’ve had some pretty great opening gigs before.  But, this one is really special to me.  Sat. Sep 24th @730 I am opening for Jay Clifford! The first time I heard Jay Clifford I was a 19 yr old college student driving into the Virginia Beach tunnel when Jump Little Children Cathedrals came on the […]

KGSR Radio in Austin Discovery Feature!

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The great folks at KGSR Radio in Austin TX have picked me for their ‘Discovery’ Feature in July. ” For fans of: Andrew Belle, Matt Nathanson, Greg Laswell.” Do me a favor, please: Stop by the site and click ‘APPROVE.’  And I will be one step closer to super stardom.  Thanks yall. -Dean

‘The Buzz About’ Album Review!

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Mark Tucker from The Buzz About (Fueled by music. Driven by opinion) recently gave a glowing review of the new album and video! What sold me on this gent was the video to “Forever Never Knowing”, the sophomore track to Under a Searchlight Sky, a very cool three-minute interplay of humor, surrealism, and urban experimentalism […]