Rosanne Cash!!!

was awesome!  She called me a ‘great songwriter.’ – ah shucks….Nice to meet all of you nice new folks.  By the way..her new album sounds great live.  It was just her and John Leventhal (amazing) as a duo.   Mom snuck a couple shots of me performing before she found out about the ‘no photography’ …

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Full audio set from Acoustic Long Island!

this was a lot of fun…very intimate…solo…’Irish Bars’ even got a sing along all the way in Long Island!!! The video i previously posted is really good…but its a just a part of the set. Here’s the entire set as an mp3: Click Here to LISTEN

WRIR interview/performance Tues 4/28 @ 6pm!

Tune into WRIR 97.3 Tuesday @ 6pm for my live interview and performance!! I’ll be there for their pledge drive. These are fine folks…with a great radio station here in Richmond. So, check it out. And keep it dialed there.-Dean

Friday’s show @ Iota

Despite a trip 3 times as long as it should have been…4 hrs to DC from Richmond?!?!?!? We had a very cool show Friday @ Iota…packed house!!!! Thanks to Wes Tucker and everyone who came out. Send your pics and/or video to Here’s the setlist: In & OutBefore Morning SobersFigure DrawingsCarrie’s FeetMaps (yeah yeah …

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10 songs on Myspace

yo…Myspace is letting me put up 10 songs now…So, I’ll have more from the all 3 albums and lots of live stuff. Check it out:

Yall check out the rehearsal video of ‘Carrie’s Feet’ in the green room backstage @ Capital Ale Music Hall…Thats Tony, Taylor and Reggie….Trey’s hand is conducting behind the camera. I’m the fella singing and playing guitar….Scott is reading over Reggie’s shoulder wishing we had drums in the green room:

Live Tracks from 3-20-2009

The live band versions of  “One and Only” and “Next in Line” are up on myspace.  These are from March 20th show at Capital Ale Music Hall in Richmond VA.  Both were previously recorded solo on ‘Songs on the Mend’ album.  So, go check em out and hear what the fellas have added to the tunes. …

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