It’s Bitney Bish!

Our son loves Britney Spears. He’s devoured all of the hits. Now he’s into the remixes.

He knows all the words…phonetically. For the most part he has no idea what’s she’s saying.

Unfortunately, along the way, Britney Spears taught my 3 year old how to say…

the b word.
The _itch word.
The bitch word.

He says: “It’s Bitney Bish”

Makes me think of Neil Young…

I was 14 when my sister got her drivers license. She got a car and the chore of taking me to school with her. I didn’t always appreciate being able to avoid the 45 minute yellow bus ride. And on one particular morning I was not in the hurry she was in. 

I mosied into the passenger seat and while I lazily fastened my seatbelt she hit the gas and began to let me know what she thought of my tardiness. 

We lived in the goondocks. The roads zigzag like Elmo’s EKG. Some time during her speech a thought entered my brain that I decided she should know. I’m not sure if I said she was a bitch or acting like a bitch but those semantics didn’t matter to her. 

She completely let go of the steering wheel. (This was long before Teslas) And with both of her hands she made my cloudiness of judgement crystal clear. 

Most of her punches landed on my shoulder and the car seat. But her point was made.  

Then with her hands back on 10 and 2 she gained control of the vehicle. I’m not gonna say who was crying but we both were. 

Neither of us said a word the rest of the way to school. Just the occasional sniffle while Neil Young’s Harvest Moon played in the tape deck. 

This is pretty cool:

1. Trombone til the cows come home

2. My favorite Neil Young song is Out on the Weekend

3. I love Emmylou Harris’ version of Neil’s song Wrecking Ball

4. My otherwise kind, loving sister’s favorite song of mine is Pretty Girls.

5. I love these 2 songs and I have no idea what they’re saying: El Invento Juan González and Ne Me Quitte Pas Nina Simone

My favorite Britney Spears song? Jury’s out til I hear every…single…remix.

I’ll let you know in a week or so 🙂 

Y’all good?


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