Why do my ears look so small? Who nose…

Not only am I and my songs featured in a fabulous new documentary. But the doc was literally made about a song I wrote and it’s premiering at the Nashville Film Festival Oct 2nd. 

I wrote a song with the Young Fables. It was good. They were great.

Shortly thereafter, their manager had an idea for us to write another song so he could film it. Start to finish. Concept to recording to album release. 

Sounded like a terrible idea. 

If I didn’t love Laurel and Wes of the Young Fables so much I would’ve said no. 

I’m glad I didn’t. The song we wrote is very special. 

And watching myself write a song got me pondering all sorts of important questions like:

“Why do my ears look so small?” 

(Who nose…)

But what was gonna be a short video about the songwriting process turned into much more.

Life dealt multiple heavy blows to Laurel and as a result, the song completely changed…without any of us touching it. 

The whole time, the camera was rolling.  What resulted is a remarkable film about our song. And a heartbreaking, honest, and inspiring peak at how precious life and love are.  

Here’s the trailer for “Fable of a Song.”

I drop the f bomb. Sorry, and you’re welcome…depending on how you feel about the f bomb. 

This is pretty cool:

1. Play dough was originally invented as a wallpaper cleaner. The slinky was intended to stabilize nautical devices on turbulent seas. And Coca Cola was invented as alternative to morphine. 

2. I love this 1937 headline in the New York Times: HEMINGWAY SLAPS EASTMAN IN FACE; Both Authors Agree on This, but Ernest Denies He Was Then ‘Stood on His Head’ RETURN BOUT IS SOUGHT Clash in Publisher’s Office Has to Do With ‘Bull’ and ‘Death,’ Both ‘in Afternoon’ Writers Compare Chests Hemingway Felt Sorry.

3. Speaking of headlines…A song I wrote with Stephen Kellogg called “Irish Goodbye” appears in the new movie produced by the Long brothers, “Lady of the Manor” out on Lionsgate. You can watch it in theaters and on AppleTV and Amazon Prime. 

4. I’ve been trying to write songs that our son will dance to. I’ve come pretty close with this new song I wrote that CB30 released called “Healthy.” They’re a really talented young pop/country duo under the mentorship of Luke Bryan.

5. Here’s a video of me performing an unreleased song, “Must’ve Missed Me” at the Red Clay Theatre. 

6. And “Always On My Mind”

7. And here’s a lyric video I made for “Back of a Drawer” out of post it notes.

Y’all good?
Let me know how you’re doing!